New ASD Yoga for Teens in Wokingham

NEWSFLASH – we have our first venue confirmed for the Teen ASD Yoga sessions: The Wokingham Youth & Community Centre on the Reading Road, Wokingham. Every Wednesday from 1730 – 1830. These sessions will be in blocks of 6. The first block will be as follows:

15th June
22nd June – No session
29th June
6th July
13th July
20th July
27th July

As this is being funded by the ‘Get Berkshire Active’ initiative, the cost will be only £12 for the whole of the 6 weeks or you can pay £2 per week. If you can make this venue and time, please either comment below or contact me via or 07921102566.

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Beat Exam Stress

Based on a recently published article by my Teen Yoga Teacher Charlotta Martinus:

12 suggestions in preparation for your exams:

  1. Sleep well (following steps below)
  2. Switch off any screens at least an hour before bed
  3. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol or eat sugar after supper (even better, avoid altogether if possible)
  4. Have a warm bath with lavender or chamomile essentials oils before bed
  5. Massage yourself slowly with warm almond oil with lavender
  6. Have a chamomile tea or other night time tea like valerian an hour before bed
  7. Eat and sleep at regular times, for example: 10pm bedtime, waking up 6-7am.
  8. Make sure your room is clean and clutter free with fresh air and also your bed nice and warm with fresh bedding
  9. Read something inspiring before bedtime for a few minutes
  10. Try yoga breaths for 10 minutes every evening (Google Ujjayi breath for instructions)
  11. Eat well – lots of vegetables and water – not too much sugar
  12. Have a sprig of rosemary around which is rumoured to help with memory – if accessible, try Rhodiola (a herbal supplement) which helps with focus and concentration
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Mantra Meditation

Meditation helps you get rid of stress in your body—but did you also know that it helps your improve your productivity and your brain power?

Unlike exercise, when you meditate, you slow down your metabolic rate. Your breathing slows, your body temperature cools and this act of meditating gives the body deep rest—rest that’s proven to be even more deeply beneficial to your body than sleep.

When you give your body this profound rest, the body becomes better able to heal itself. Most notably, the body can better heal the ills associated with stress.

Two Major Benefits of Mantra Meditation

1. We become better versions of ourselves through Mantra Meditation

Meditation improves and optimizes all the bodily systems, so that they can function as they’re meant to function.

Vedic meditation, which is also described as mantra meditation (or transcendental meditation), is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the body of stress, while making us smarter and more creative at everything we do.

Vedic means knowledge of nature. It’s the knowledge of the flow of nature. When we have a Vedic awareness we can get on board with this flow of nature as it’s doing it’s thing. When people start meditating they start experiencing more synchronicity and more serendipity. They’re more attuned to the natural rhythms of the universe. Vedic meditation uses a Bija, or seed mantra, and the sound quality of the mantra induces this deep rest that’s so incredibly healing.

When there’s less stress roaming around in our bodies, we perform much better—with whatever we do in life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, meditation simply makes us better at what we do. We so often think that we need to be slightly or totally stressed out in order to be productive. However, this is an outdated mindset and simply does not hold true.

Stress and distress don’t make us more creative, they tend to make us more irrational. It’s like when we’re rushing around and can’t find our sunglasses because they’re on the top of our head.

We get irrational because our body reacts to stress as if it were being chased by a saber-toothed tiger. It’s an old and outdated adaptive response. Your body and brain are using so much energy to fight off this imaginary tiger, that it can’t deal with the actual task at hand.

2. We access and align the power of our left brain with our right brain through Mantra Meditation

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. In our normal states of consciousness (when we’re eating, sleeping or dreaming), the right brain and the left brain are functioning separately from one another. Each side of the brain is essentially doing its own thing.

But in the fourth state of consciousness, also referred to as transcendence (which happens when we’re meditating with mantra), all the points on the left brain and all the points on the right brain begin to rise and fall in unison. This is so totally cool because in our current day and age, we’re trained to use our left brains way more than our right brains, which leads us with less than optimally functioning brains.

Our left brains are in charge of the past and future. They’re in charge of language, critical thought, and analytical thought. Most humans on the planet today don’t use their creative right brain, leaving it in a state of atrophy because we hardly ever engage with that side of our mental abilities—or at least not nearly as much as we use our left brains.

When we practice mantra meditation, it’s as if we’re taking our right brains for a good workout at the gym. This is really great because the right brain is in charge of creativity, intuition, connection, music, and creative problem solving.

When we take our right brain to the gym, the left and right brain start talking to each other. The right brain becomes more active and balanced, and our gut feelings are more available, as are problem-solving solutions when we’re in the heat of a challenging moment. You can be in a high demand fight or flight moment and simultaneously have access to a healing and creative solution making power.

If we want to enhance our lives, beginning a mantra meditation practice is an absolute no-brainer!

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Pink Event – Friday 16th October

Come along and support the Pink Event in support of breast cancer charities at Holme Grange Craft Village, Heathlands Road, Wokingham from 1200 – 1700!

Fully clothed, energising massages will be available at the Brown Bear Bakery – look for the kokopelli guy:






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Kokopelli at Glastonbury Festival 2015

23 – 29 June 2015

Kokopelli will be once again providing massage for revellers and traders at the Glastonbury Festival 2015. During this time, yoga classes will continue as normal.

However, if you would like to book a treatment before or after the above dates, please send your requirements via any one of the usual contact details and I will do my best to respond as soon as convenient.  Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to have obtained a ticket to this festival, please do come along and visit us 🙂

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ASD Family yoga sessions start Monday 27th April at the Acorn Centre Woosehill. 16.30 to 17.30, just £2pp 

Kokopelli yoga in association with the ASD Family Help, a charity based in Wokingham, have kicked off the first ASD/ADHD focussed yoga class in the Wokingham area starting on Monday 27th April at the Acorn Centre Woosehill.

The session runs from 16.30 to 17.30, at a cost of just £2pp

Patricia has specialist training/qualifications for yoga teaching in these areas of SEN.

Classes focus on relaxation, calming, well-being and reducing anxiety as well as the usual health benefits!

Patricia and ASD Family Help staff will be pleased to welcome you.
Email for more info or to book your families place.
(All SEN children, their families and siblings welcome)!

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Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Visitors in July 2014

To all of my lovely yogis and parents:

On Monday 21st July 2014, our yoga session at the Wokingham Youth Centre, will have 10 girls and boys from the area around Kiev taking part!

They are able to visit Wokingham because of the charity – Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline.  More information is shown here:

The charity, amongst other things, brings child victims of the Chernobyl disaster to the UK for recuperative breaks. 

The children will have the opportunity to take part in activities that are not possible for them to do in their own country. In the past, it has been found that these visits vastly improve the overall wellbeing of these children. Amazingly, the life expectancy of children visiting previously have been increased by 2-5 years due to these activities! I know that you will make them feel very welcome to our session because you are all so lovely and caring 🙂

In addition, if you have any clothes or shoes etc., to fit girls and/or boys between the ages of 9-11 that you don’t need anymore, please let me know or just bring them along to class when I next see you.  I hope you are having a lovely Easter Break and look forward to seeing you all again on 28th April at 4pm!  xxx Pattie xxx

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kokopelli Massage at the London Marathon 2014

kokopelli Massage at the London Marathon 2014

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Kokopelli News and Events


For further information on the Boots Macmillan partnership, please click on link below:

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