Out of Action!

Well, what a start to my weekend…. my husband thought that he’d like to test out his newly MOTd motorbike with me on the back; a Ducati Monster S4 no less (for those wondering…). To cut a bit of a story short, waiting at a roundabout to move off, we were rear-ended by a car which meant the bike was pushed upwards from underneath us resulting in me flying through the air landing on my bottom, (lucky there’s extra padding here)!

The husband is fine of course, he didn’t even hit the concrete; the bike… not sure yet as it has been taken away for inspection, hopefully just bruised and scratched, a bit like me! After being carted off in an ambulance to A&E, it turned out that after 4 hours, I had no broken bones and nothing missing, but maybe a little crunched on the coccyx which will heal in a few weeks; at best, a very bruised area that leaves me feeling quite uncomfortable and unable to carry out normal duties 😦

Therefore, for at least the next couple of weeks, there’ll be no yoga classes or massage treatments available. Those of you that really know me, know how much I love sharing yoga and helping you with those nasty knots and aches etc. I’m hoping that I will be back to normal during the first week of the new year!

Here’s the seat that I made to allow me to sit comfortable (ish) whilst writing this  – made out of a blanket, yoga mat and yoga blocks of course…stop giggling…..!


I do consider myself very lucky that we were stationary and that I was wearing all the protective gear needed. However, I should have followed my instincts and not got on the bike in the first place that day…. lesson learnt! I do hope that the driver doesn’t feel too bad as it would have been much worse at a higher speed than about 2 mph.I was told that after I was taken to the hospital, theysat in their car and burst into tears :(. . I know that they couldn’t believe it either and sent me a get well wish via email 🙂 Love & Light, Pattie xx

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