Pamper & Shopping Evening

Pamper Evening Flyer 2017
Kokopelli will be partnering up with The Little Massage room on Monday 6th November for this wonderful Pamper and Shopping Evening. It will be our pleasure to provide you with the treatments shown below:
Pamper Evening Flyer 2017 List
In addition, we will also have to purchase, Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, Incense Sticks with Holders, Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks and Gift Vouchers for further treatments.
If you happen to be free, please do come along to St Mary the Virgin, Church Close, Winnersh (near the station). Starting and 7pm and finishing at 9pm, this promises to be a very popular evening, so please book in advance for any treatments you would like to try out! We look forward to seeing you there 🙂
PS: We also take card payments
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2017 Festivals

Kokopelli Massage will be providing magic hands for those aching muscles at the following festivals this year:


Cambridge Folk Festival

Fairport Convention (Cropredy)


Feel free to swing by for a little taster of our treatments if you are attending any 🙂

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Mat Cleaning Day!

Monday mat cleaning day, mostly needed due to the weather being lovely last week when we took the mats outside – it was worth it! For the yogis that are currently revising for exams – I have rinsed with rosemary to enhance your memory 🙂 x


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The Hawthorns last Yoga Session for 2016

                        A Happy 2017 to you!

Apologies for the delay in posting these pictures, I’ve been recovering from a minor accident (nothing broken) and have not been able to work 😦 I hope you enjoy these, we certainly enjoyed making them! Please let me know if you would like any emailed to you.




img_20161207_162615229_top img_20161207_162525195_topimg_20161207_162517951 img_20161207_162511830 img_20161207_162506587

img_20161207_162500324img_20161207_162455311  img_20161207_162450127  img_20161207_162445619img_20161207_162441524img_20161207_161518797img_20161207_161511766img_20161207_161448668


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Out of Action!

Well, what a start to my weekend…. my husband thought that he’d like to test out his newly MOTd motorbike with me on the back; a Ducati Monster S4 no less (for those wondering…). To cut a bit of a story short, waiting at a roundabout to move off, we were rear-ended by a car which meant the bike was pushed upwards from underneath us resulting in me flying through the air landing on my bottom, (lucky there’s extra padding here)!

The husband is fine of course, he didn’t even hit the concrete; the bike… not sure yet as it has been taken away for inspection, hopefully just bruised and scratched, a bit like me! After being carted off in an ambulance to A&E, it turned out that after 4 hours, I had no broken bones and nothing missing, but maybe a little crunched on the coccyx which will heal in a few weeks; at best, a very bruised area that leaves me feeling quite uncomfortable and unable to carry out normal duties 😦

Therefore, for at least the next couple of weeks, there’ll be no yoga classes or massage treatments available. Those of you that really know me, know how much I love sharing yoga and helping you with those nasty knots and aches etc. I’m hoping that I will be back to normal during the first week of the new year!

Here’s the seat that I made to allow me to sit comfortable (ish) whilst writing this  – made out of a blanket, yoga mat and yoga blocks of course…stop giggling…..!


I do consider myself very lucky that we were stationary and that I was wearing all the protective gear needed. However, I should have followed my instincts and not got on the bike in the first place that day…. lesson learnt! I do hope that the driver doesn’t feel too bad as it would have been much worse at a higher speed than about 2 mph.I was told that after I was taken to the hospital, theysat in their car and burst into tears :(. . I know that they couldn’t believe it either and sent me a get well wish via email 🙂 Love & Light, Pattie xx

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Energy Week at J&J

On Wednesday 18th October 2016, Kokopelli Massage joined up with Office Osteopaths providing taster treatments to the employees of Johnson & Johnson at the Pinewood campus in Wokingham

Matt from Office Osteopaths had a great time with Patricia from Kokopelli Yoga & Massage providing spinal assessments at Johnson and Johnson’s Pinewood Campus as part of their Energy week yesterday.

Everybody was so interested in hearing how their desk posture can affect back and neck pain and Matt even did some sports taping to help the staff! Patricia also provided express acupressure massage treatments which were very well received, re-energising staff for the remainder of the day!

We look forward to helping out more in the future. For desk assessments, chair massage and postural training workshops call 0118 380 0385 to book yours.


Office Osteopaths's photo.
Office Osteopaths's photo.
Office Osteopaths's photo.


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Gadget Disconnection

Unplug from gadgets with yoga

TNN | Sep 13, 2016, 09.57 AM IST

INDORE: In an era where gadgets are everyone’s weakness, 16-year-old city girl Palak Garg is sharing suggestions on how one can de-addict themselves from the virtual world and connect through yoga. Authoring ‘Meet Yourself’, a book based on gadget de-addiction through yoga, Palak, a twelfth grader from The Daly College, is aiming to make everyone realise the power of yoga alongside the ill effects of overusing electronic devices.

“Gadget addiction is a self-inflicted disease and is one of the most common kinds of addictions found among today’s youth. It becomes impossible for an individual to free himself or herself from the shackles of any particular device,” Palak said while explaining the reasons for her research on the topic.

In her book she says gadget addiction is being considered a real mental disorder in many countries, adding that anyone born after 1990 has never known a life without the internet and mobile communication. In today’s time, no one can imagine growing up without cell phones or interactive video games.

The book also explains how one becomes a gadget addict. “When you start using devices so frequently that you lose count of your actions and it becomes difficult to drop the habit of using tech gadgets for everything you do. The desire for using electronic devices gradually converts into gadget addiction. No age bar is specified for this kind of addiction and people of all age groups are vulnerable to it,” it says.

In her book, Palak mentions a few actions and problems that come hand in hand with dependence on gadgets. “Social media updates become a reason to wake up every morning and checking it every few minutes becomes a necessity.”
Along with this, the problems that become evident are the need for attention, physical illnesses, obesity, easy distraction, explicit display of aggressive, depressive or violent behaviour, real-time social isolation but a strong virtual presence and effect on memory and thinking capabilities.

Palak claims that Yoga can help people do away with gadget addiction. “Yoga is a very effective practice to solve the problem of addiction by training and developing the mind, body and soul to be moderate and in a normal state in order to avoid conflicting thoughts between the urge to use gadgets and completely neglecting them.”

She goes on to describe various kinds of asanas that can help people control their senses, breathing and gain control. “Our minds are engulfed in technology and hence our actions are generally a direct and an automatic response to these modern evil devices. When I practice Yoga, I relax with my own thoughts and feel more empowered and spiritually sound,” Palak said.

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What a lovely message for me from a young yogi 🙂

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Kokopelli Summer information

Kokopelli Yoga & Massage are unavailable on the following dates during August and September 2016:


  • 10 – 14 August

  • 25 – 30 August

  • 21 – 25 September



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Glastonbury Festival 2016

We are back from the Glastonbury Festival and raring to return to yoga sessions and massage treatments 🙂

We managed to keep the massage tent extremely clean and dry and had a busy, but fabulous time 🙂

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